EWS Managed API How to Create weekly recurring appointments on Exchange servers

Exchange Web Service

This sample shows you how to use the Exchange Web Services EWS Managed API to Create weekly recurring appointments programmatically.
We will set Properties on the appointment that include the weekly recurrence pattern, and then saves the appointment to the user’s mailbox.

A recurring series consists of a recurring master item, occurrence items, and sometimes exception items.

The following table defines these item types:

Item type Description
Recurring master item The item that anchors the recurring series and holds all recurrence pattern and recurrence range information. Each recurring series has one recurring master item.
Occurrence items The sequence of calendar items in a recurring series that adhere to the recurrence pattern of the series.
Exception items Items in the series that started as occurrence items, but were modified so that they no longer have the same property values as occurrence items. Modifying any property on an occurrence item makes it an exception item.

Sample method: Create weekly recurring appointments

The following method CreateWeeklyRecurringAppointment accepts an instance of the ExchangeService class to connect to the Exchange Web Service.

This method will instantiate a new Appointment object and it will fill its properties and recurrence pattern.

To start using EWS Managed API, see this article: http://dotnet-practice.com/utiliser-exchange-web-service-ews-managed-api/

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